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#MeToo survivors are invited to be part of a revolutionary social media experiment “THEY SAID” to help prevent and protect others from sexual violence repeat offenders.    Sexual violence includes non-consensual videos taken in public restrooms and change rooms without the knowledge and/or consent of individuals.

they said help us to help you

Help us beta test “THEY SAID” an Artificial Intelligence platform  to match repeat offenders of sexual violence to locations, victims and methodologies.

They Said – How it works video

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By anonymously sharing the details of your #MeToo experience, you will help us to help you to identify and understand more about repeat offenders, unsafe places, times, methods, and accomplices.  How it works

To be a included in the revolutionary beta test sign up as a beta tester, & if you can help us fund the beta test and lobby the government for change.


We are doing this because currently repeat offenders have the lowest probability of being reported to police when they have multiple victims.

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Who We are – Team

Sydney Eatz and Richard Trus are known by the media as privacy, security & internet experts @ The Internet Police are volunteering their experience in advocacy, privacy and security to help create and beta test “THEY SAID”


Why are we doing this?

One of our friends was the victim of sexual violence from an alleged REPEAT OFFENDER.  “Sorry that happened to you” & “Not surprised” were the responses from journalists and business professionals when the name of the REPEAT OFFENDER was told to them.

REPEAT OFFENDERS need to be stopped so the probability of them being reported increases to reduce the number of victims they hurt.

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