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Step #2: Beta Test – Anonymous & Confidential

Beta testers will receive a confidential link to the “The Said” beta test platform.  On the platform survivors will confidentially and anonymously submit the details of your #MeToo incident details.   We will also be asking for feedback on the platform how it can be improved so that we can later launch it to a larger group of survivors.

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Step #3: Research & Analysis

The “They Said” platform will perform analysis on the details of the #MeToo survivors incidents to identify what are common locations, details, times, methodologies and potential identities of repeat offenders.

We will also analyze the resources #MeToo survivors suggested in the feedback of the beta test for organizations to partner with for the roll out of “They Said”.

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Step #6: Media / Public Relations

Before we do a full launch of “They Said” we will do an outreach to social media influencers and the media to demonstrate what we learned in the “beta test” and what the benefits will be to the full launch.


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Step #7: “They Said” Launch

#MeToo was the first step to address a global problem.   We will launch “They Said” with community partners to reach the larger #MeToo community.   There are over 19 million #MeToo survivors and with the launch we ask survivors to join “They Said” to share what happened to them, so that we can help a much larger community.

“There is strength in numbers.”

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